June 2018- Noticias de Darren y Gwen


2nd Unit of Teaching complete and Exams graded and entered

Scores all in expected range so learning is happening!

Fish and Plants

Everything is growing despite the “help” of the birds that have been taking the plants out of the tubes in order to???? The girls devised a scarecrow affectionately named  “Bob” to help solve the problem. It is a work in progress.


Answered Prayer

Many of you prayed a year ago for a little girl who was fighting a serious life-threatening cancerous tumor on her spine. God miraculously healed her without surgery and she celebrated a birthday last month. The gift? A headband for her returning new hair.


As our Spanish grows we are led deeper into worship. We have a great church. Three more girls were baptized last month and 7 more girls have come to live at Prince of Peace (nearly at capacity) so the potential for spreading the Gospel continues to grow.

Home Sweet Home

God faithfully led us to a home that is close enough for us to walk to work, safe, in our budget and did not require a co-signer. We have settled in and have everything we need. Good bed, coffee maker and great neighbors. Ready for visitors— get your passports ready!

Prayer: New Ministries

Picture1While Darren loves his time with the Aquaponics and working with the girls, as well as helping organize jobs and materials for the teams that come to work on projects, there really isn’t sufficient budget for materials to keep him busy every day at Prince of Peace.

Housing Situation

Our house in Iowa still needs to sell. Please pray that God brings the right family to their new home soon.

Mother’s Day at an Orphanage

We had a  Mother’s day celebration luncheon here at POP. While it is good for the girls to learn that they have many strong women here that love and support them as a mother should, it was not easy.

The tension on their faces and tears that were shed (adults included) indicated just how complicated the situation is. We are not sure if/what Father’s Day will look like, but please keep these girls in your hearts and prayers.

Perseverance: Continued Prayer for Family

Darren’s brother Scott just completed the necessary stress test in order to get the stem cell transplant that he needs. Unfortunately, they discovered a heart valve problem that will have to be corrected before they can proceed. Please pray that Scott would feel God’s hands of healing and comfort as the doctors work through this latest setback.

Gwen’s mom, Mary came through knee surgery well and has successfully completed much of the physical therapy. Huge thank you to Gwen’s sister Carolyn and her family for helping her through this major hurdle and son Corbin for his help now that she is back in their home.

Hearts in 2 Places

We are amazed at all that has happened in the last 6 months since our move here. God has held us every step of the way and our hearts are full of gratitude. That being said this is the time of year for graduations and weddings at home and we are feeling the sadness of not being there for them.Please pray that as our hearts settle here we will find contentment and we will learn to celebrate with loved ones at home even though there are miles between us.


Great visit to the USA: 4 days went by too fast!


For those of you that have already started supporting us, we are truly grateful. God has been using you in amazing ways already and we are sure that you will continue to be blessed by your sacrifice as we have. God is teaching us to trust Him as He is working through all of you.

Another way that you can help is by receiving our newsletter electronically. That saves us nearly $1.60 for each address, and our Mailing Service, (Mom Burkes), time and energy. If this is a possibility for you, please send us an email at: dgallen.guatemala@gmail.com and we will switch you over to the electronic version of our newsletter. (Thanks Mom!)



foundationformissions.comPhone: 407-730-3364Fax: 866-422-8355


Please prayerfully consider joining ourLike most missionaries, we are faith-based missionaries. We depend on God and His people for our support. We could not serve in this capacity without a team of prayer warriors and financial donors.


First, and most importantly, you can pray for us. This is God’s work and we want to stay firmly planted in His will. Pray for discernment as we make decisions moving forward.

Second, you can support us financially, either with a one-time gift or as a regular partner. There are two ways to send financial support:

      Online -You can give securely online by going to Foundation’s Web page: http://www.foundationformissions.com

Hover overMissionaries

Select Missionaries from drop-down menu

Scroll down to our photo Darren and Gwen Allen and click to open our story

select the gray MAKE A DONATIONbutton

Select your payment method and follow the directions.

ACH direct pay as there are fewer fees incurred. Follow the prompt to download and print. Fill it out and stipulate our names in the Please apply my donation as follows section in Missionary Support line. Mail it to the address on the bottom of the form.)


Scroll down to Missionary/Ambassador box and fill out information to use your credit card.

Click Give

            A check can be sent directly to our mission organization at this address (please include a separate note with our names in the envelope with the check):

The Foundation, PO Box 560233, Orlando, Florida 32856.


Foundation For Missions
PO Box 560233
Orlando, FL 32856-0233

Working for God’s Glory,
Darren and Gwen Allen

Colossians 3:17 Missionaries
“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

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